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What's not in our chocolate

  • No sugar from any kind, including natural sweeteners

  • No Maltitol and/or artificial sweeteners

  • No palm oil or coconut oil

  • No milk powder

  • No food coloring

  • No unhealthy raw materials are used

Our target consumers

  • Those that should or wish to avoid sugar / carbs

  • Those that should or wish avoid lactose / milk

  • For vegans

  • Pre-diabetics and diabetics

  • Those on a ketogenic diet

  • Wellness and Environment

  • For healthy food consumers

  • For those who care about the environment

  • For those who wish to upgrade their products: cakes,       ice creams, final dishes, delicacies and more.

What is special about JOMO?

  • No Added sugar

  • A unique combination using of 5 recommended sweeteners from natural sources

  • No aftertastes

  • Low net carbs and low glycemic index

  • No milk or animal ingredients

  • Variety of options - multiple preferences

  • Indulging chocolate texture

  • Unique production processes

  • Kosher - also for the Orthodox community

  • Delicious for everyone

  • Refined sweetness

  • Actually suitable for A-L-L

chocolate bar jomo low.png
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