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We Jomo chocolate speaks of innovation - high-quality, delicious, dairy-free and sugar-free chocolate with an indulgent chocolate texture and no aftertastes.  The chocolate was developed for those who want or need to avoid sugar and/or milk for health reasons, for conscience reasons and for anyone whose health is important to them.  JO-MO chocolate series is in possession of global innovation - the fruit of the development of the Israeli industry to promote health values, to protect animals and to protect the planet.  JO-MO chocolate is produced by combining unique production processes and using recommended sweeteners from natural sources.  As a substitute for milk, we use almonds, hazelnuts and soy protein, JO-MO chocolate is without animal ingridients, without added sugar, without food coloring and without 'bad' sweeteners.  JO-MO's unique development formula is free of aftertastes, maintains the texture of chocolate, and the taste is excellent.  JO-MO chocolate is offered as bars for personal consumption in a variety of milk, white, bitter and ultra bitter versions, as well as nuts and almonds wrapped in dark and milk chocolate and as a milk-hazelnut chocolate style spread. The chocolate is also sold to professionals for use in pastries, ice creams, snacks, delicacies and a variety of sweet products.

Why choose JO-MO?

We use a unique combination of sweeteners from natural sources designed to create a perfect and not excessive sweetness, without after taste as well as a heavenly chocolate flavor and a rich texture that melts in the mouth, just as we expect from quality chocolate.  We produce delicious gourmet chocolate, which can compete with any chocolate with sugar, without the destructive effects of chocolate with sugar or 'bad' sweeteners and without the aftertaste of sugar-free chocolate.

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