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תמונה של יאיר דראל, לבוש בשחור ומשלב ידיים

I am Yair, the CEO of the company, an engineer by profession and a high-tech man of 30 years.

In "midlife" I wanted to start a new and challenging career.  As someone who loves the colliery field very much, it was natural to enter the chocolate field.  In 2013, I purchased "Ornat Chocolate", a chocolate and teak factory in Kadima that was mainly engaged in the production of gourmet chocolate for gifts for institutions and individuals.  In the first stage, I updated the variety of chocolate and the design of the boxes, introduced technology and developed a unique chocolate with the professional in the company.

My door is always open to anyone who needs help or advice in the field of chocolate.  The need for delicious sugar-free chocolate that is suitable for pre-diabetics comes back again and again.  I believe in innovation and the need seems significant and it is clear that innovation is necessary for any business to grow and not freeze in place.  The corona gave a push to finish the 3-year development of JO-MO chocolate.

The JO-MO is a series that is unique only to us - chocolate that is suitable for types of unique populations with a desire for healthy, comforting and delicious chocolate without sugar and without milk.

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