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Love Story for Chocolate


Ornat is a family business, operating since 1988 and producing gourmet and top-of-the-line handmade chocolate delicacies.  Among our products: pralines in a variety of unique styles and flavors, coated nuts, chocolate bars, chocolate bits and more.  Ornatruns two production lines: vegan (Parve) and non-vegan (Dairy).  Ornat produces delicious but also kosher chocolate, with the highest Kosher certification (mehadrin).  This is not a simple challenge, since even the best raw materials cannot always be found according to high kosher standards. It requires a lot of steps as well as thinking out of the box.  It also dictates production of in-house raw materials and ingredients - a disadvantage that led to an advantage and positioned us at a higher professional level.



7 years ago, I bought Ornat – a dream come true. For 30 years, since the 1980's, I had worked in the high-tech industry, developing and promoting state-of-the-art solutions for customers in diverse fields.  I particularly enjoyed the challenge and the fact that it was possible to do good for others.  During all my years in the high-tech industry, I worked for others. But then I decided that it was time to work for myself and my family. Today, most of my immediate family works with me at Ornat, and we have become a leading chocolate producer.

We are here trying to fulfil our customers' chocolate dreams in exotic and special tastes, packaging, flavors, special textures and shapes. We discovered that the combination of a profound need for innovation, love for chocolate and our desire to make customers happy has led to innovation in design and in chocolate production.


Sugar-free chocolate

For some time now, satisfied customers asked us to produce our gourmet chocolate without sugar, and without carbohydrates, because while chocolate is healthy, sugar is harmful. Many people are advised against consuming sugar at all and we wanted to help them. We tasted a large number of products and discovered what many people know: Most sugar substitutes are unhealthy and / or contain carbohydrates (which are just like sugar, if not worse).  Those that had low calories, low GI and were sugar free, also tasted bad, had an unpleasant infinitely bad aftertaste.

I decided to combine the vast experience of Ornat's employees in chocolate production with the great experience of development and innovation, and to think different and develop the JOMO sugar-free chocolate series.  The series includes vegan dark chocolate, sugar free, but also white chocolate and milk chocolate, with minimal (but no added) sugars derived mainly from lactose in milk.  From successfully dealing with kosher issues we have learned that you can enjoy all worlds: gourmet, delicious, healthy and zero sugar or carbs and soon we will be able say: The Joy Of Missing Out Sugar (JOMO).

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