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?Why Diary-free JO-MO Chocolate

Every family has its own story. which is only hers, but also suitable for other families.

Our family loves chocolate - in all its forms and flavors.  As our daughters grew up, they gave their hearts to the issue of the unfair dairy industry and developed an aversion to eating animal food.  Together with them, we all became vegans and vegetarians to varying degrees.

And what about the chocolate? We actually like velvety milk chocolate, mellow and comforting with childhood flavors.  Then we also discovered the milk lactose sugar that should really be avoided.  And so we immediately thought of a suitable solution, we harnessed the pastry chef Tal Ozan and Inbal Kirschenbaum to the task and the Vegan Friendly Association and under their food engineers project we developed the vegan chocolate without sugar and without milk.  A perfect combination that is also suitable for vegans, for ketogenic diet users, for those who are lactose intolerant and for (pre)diabetics.

Tastes of the past - sweet nostalgy of milk and white chocolate.


You won't believe it's vegan!

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