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Vegan chocolate 
No Added Sugar

Gently sweetened with sweeteners from natural sources only
No processed sugar, no milk, no gluten, no preservatives, no soy and so delicious!
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Why choose JO-MO?

We use a unique combination of almond butter, soy protein and sweeteners from natural sources, combined with unique production processes to obtain products with a heavenly chocolate taste, with refined sweetness and a rich texture that melts in the mouth, just as we expect from quality chocolate. We produce delicious gourmet chocolate, which can compete with any chocolate with milk and sugar, without the destructive effects of harming animals, the environment and health.

Our dairy-free and sugar-free chocolate guarantees:

  • High-quality gourmet chocolate without milk and without added sugar

  • Enriched with vegetable protein

  • Based on almond butter or hazelnut butter•

  • Rich in dietary fiber

  • Sweeteners from natural sources: polyols, stevia, monk fruit

  • Plant based ingridients


The longing for vegan milk and white chocolate


We all love sweets - period.  Sweet products are delicious, comforting, and give a sense of contentment and well-being.  But unfortunately, it was found that sugars endanger our health and therefore their consumption should be limited.  Diabetics and pre-diabetics are required to completely avoid sugar and carbohydrates in order not to raise blood sugar levels. The global war on obesity also poses many challenges for sweets lovers, so in fact, we are all advised to reduce our sugar intake.

JO-MO is a sugar-free chocolate in a variety of flavors, the fruit of an innovative development that meets our desire to eat sweets without sugar and without aftertastes.  To understand why JOMO is a quality product, tasty and without by-products, here is a brief background on the confectionery solutions:

The vegan revolution is already here and only growing and growing every day.  It seems that the primary reason for switching to veganism is what is happening in the animal food industry around the world, the misery and suffering of the animals due to the conditions, the methods of growing and sifting on the way to turning them into food on the plate. But in a deeper study, you can learn that veganism is not one-sided and that protecting the animals is only one side of the transition to veganism.  The concept is more hybrid and includes 3 main components: protection of animals, personal health and protection of the earth - environmental quality.

Not only vegans prefer plant-based food for health reasons.  Recent studies on nutrition present findings regarding the ability of a plant-based diet to prevent and even cure diseases, the World Health Organization states that a balanced vegan diet is more recommended later.

The meat industries are the main cause of global warming and are responsible for no less than 37% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than all transportation combined: by air, sea and land. 70% of the forests cut down in the Amazon have been turned into pastures for cattle intended for food, and the rest of the area is used to grow food for the herds themselves.  That is, complete utilization of natural resources in favor of net meat production. In addition to the destruction of the forests, the damage to nature also results from the destruction of the habitats of animals, waste from slaughterhouses harms the fresh water and excretions cause extensive and unstoppable pollution in the environment.


The transition from a normal diet to a vegan diet is not obvious.  One of the main reasons is the difficulty of saying goodbye to well-known foods, favorite tastes and well-known textures.  The existing vegan food differs in most cases from the original and known flavors.  We at JO-MO Chocolate, with the understanding that chocolate is a product that everyone loves, developed the JO-MO brand, chocolate from vegetable sources, without sugar, which will give answers to vegans both in terms of not harming animals as well as an answer to the issue of health and quality of life on earth.

Important note:  We do not advertise the health of our chocolate here, but only information about our dairy-free and sugar-free chocolate, which we offer as a harmless addition to your daily diet.  It is always recommended to consult a physician or a qualified professional before deciding to consume JO-MO chocolate when building a diet menu.

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