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Milk free JO-MO Chocolate

For the product development process, we harnessed the vegan friendly association in the food engineers project.  We created the "golden formula" that gives the ultimate answer to everyone: delicious chocolate that does not contain animal ingredients, from quality ingredients that are not chemical and environmentally friendly.

Milk chocolate and white chocolate have several basic ingredients: cocoa solids, sugar and sweeteners, milk powder, lecithin and vanilla.  In JO-MO chocolate we significantly increased the percentage of cocoa solids and especially the cocoa butter, we replaced the sugar with a unique combination of 5 recommended sweeteners from natural sources and we replaced the milk with almonds/hazelnuts and enriched it with soy protein.  All the ingredients are from natural sources, approved both by the Vegan Friendly Association and at the same time by the Haredi Community Health Board. A list of ingredients appears here.

In fact, we realized our dream: (almost) everyone can enjoy our chocolate, even those who avoid sugar, and/or even those who avoid milk and/or even those who keep a high level of kosher and, of course, even those who have any restrictions at all - and everyone will enjoy equally.

Another dream that we are in an excellent place on the way to its realization: to transform the whole company into products without milk and without sugar, but tasty and of high quality.

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